Tea research is happening – help support it!

Agriculture is important in the United States, and we are lucky to have many academic and government institutions that support it. Without them, it would be much more challenging to be a farmer in the United States, where you need to be equipped with information.

What tea growers need in the US right now is more information about their crop, Camellia sinensis. Academic research can help growers find solutions for plant diseases, choose tea cultivars, and examine various agricultural techniques. You can help make this happen!

This year, researchers from universities across the country are writing USDA federal grants that could fund 5 years of tea research. An grant written earlier this year was rejected, but not without a very positive response from the evaluation. With this positive response, and your help, they can resubmit the grant.

Read more about the grant from research associate Judson LeCompte, and email Judson (jsl279@msstate.edu) or Dr. Bi from the Department of Plant and Soil Sciences (gbi@pss.msstate.edu) to see how you can help with your Letters of Support. 

Deadline: December 3, 2015