The United States League of Tea Growers strives to connect the increasing number of US tea growers while collaboratively sharing resources, research and information regarding growing tea (Camellia sinensis) in the USA. By working together, we hope to achieve:

  • Plant husbandry knowledge
  • Development of “best  practices” know how
  • Development of appropriate automation
  • Product and process innovation
  • Research trials of US conditions
  • Gain/Create access to cultivars specific to US requirements
  • Promotion of US grown teas
  • Development/Promotion of agri-tourism

We encourage you to be a part of our information sharing efforts and welcome your feedback and questions!



11 thoughts on “About USLTG

  1. How can we join?

    We first came to the idea of growing tea after visiting the Azores Islands in the Atlantic where tea is grown on small land holdings.

    We are located in the Fraser Valley of British Columbia where it seldom snows or freezes – where Summers are dry and sometimes hot.

    Where can we get seedlings?

  2. It is fantastic – In October I visited the Azores Island and discovered that tea can thrive in a milder climate – I am now hoping to grow tea the Fraser Valley of BC, 60 miles east of Vancouver – winters will pose a challenge but without at challenge, everybody would be doing it and it would have little meaning –

    Anybody know a source of cuttings?

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  4. I am interested in growing tea in New Jersey. Are there any tea farms here now that you know of? and what would I need to grow the tea I am guessing a greenhouse but beyond that I do not know. Thank you.

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