World Tea Expo 2015 Recap

State of the Tea Union (Image)by Naomi Rosen

World Tea Expo 2015, held in Long Beach, CA, was a wrap on May 8, 2015, and what a show it was. Over 100 exhibitors, tasting sessions, unveiling of the World Tea Awards, educational offerings every morning, and a meetup of the US League of Tea Growers! Sorry it has taken me so long to get the recap out…but here it is my friends!

We kicked off the meetup with a slideshow of trends, happenings, and updates from current US tea growers. If you have Powerpoint, you can catch a peek at the slideshow below:

State of the Tea Union 2015

Once the State of the Union was completed, Eva Lee gave us the big announcement about the TOTUS Awards, we had had a chance to hear from Mark Adams about becoming a member of the League, and Nigel Melican updated us about the USLTG elections (held in June).

We had so much information to share, we actually ran out of time for our Q & A! So, we’d like to host it on here? What questions do you have for the USLTG?


Grower Call To Action: Chilli Thrips and Tea Scales

ThripsDr. Chen, of LSU, in conjunction with other university professionals, is leading a USDA pest management alternative program on thrips and has approached because our tea growing members could be very helpful by providing samples. Members sending samples will be kept anonymous and data will be summarized by general geographic regions – several states will be grouped in a region so specific locations of the pests will not be disclosed. Timeline wise, now is a good time to observe these pests. Dr. Chen’s letter is below:

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