Why Join The USLTG At The Founder’s Level?

Founding FathersAs you’ve heard by now, the USLTG is now accepting members! There are four levels to choose from and we are excited to unveil the Founder’s Level ($1000.00/one time payment) for a limited time only!

  • First, and foremost, a member at this level will be confident in knowing that they are providing the USLTG with the much needed funds to accomplish our mission.
  • You will be publicly demonstrating your faith and confidence in the bright future of US tea growing.
  • As a Founder, you can be either a Full Member (growers), an Associate Member, or Supplier (this includes our international tea growing supporters).
  • Founding members will be presented with a plaque of recognition that can be displayed proudly in your place of business…or on your tractor.
  • Founding members will be featured on our “Founding Members” webpage and will be mentioned in USLTG newsletters, emails and media releases throughout the year.
  • Founding members will be provided with a digital “Stamp of Membership” that can be used on marketing materials, websites, and print items.
  • Companies joining at the Founder’s Level will have one named representative per payment. This nomination will be transferable upon written notice to the USLTG.
  • Founder’s level membership will only be available until March 31, 2017.

We welcome any questions you might have about the Founder’s Level, or membership within the league in general. For more information, please contact Josephie Dean Jackson, Membership Chair, at jdj@eastexastea.com!



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