Tea Growers Roundup – Mississippi (Day 3)

J & D Blueberry Farm - home to many tea plants!

J & D Blueberry Farm – home to many tea plants!

I’m sure people thought we were off our rockers when they noticed on the schedule that the final day of our Tea Grower’s Round-up would take us to a blueberry farm. But everything has a rhyme and reason! So, we hopped in our cars and made the trek to Poplarville, MS, home of J&D Blueberry Farm. Jeff and Don, owners of the farm, decided to experiment 5-6 years ago and planted tea plants on their farm. The thriving plants have reached maturity and are a really great example of how tea can be grown in Mississippi successfully and a pleasant reminder of why growing tea is an excellent calculated risk in this area!

Final day of the Tea Growers Round-up!

Final day of the Tea Growers Round-up!

We’d like to take a second to thank every single one of our farmers that attended and continue to share the message of tea growing in the US. Your collaboration and enthusiasm continues to strengthen tea growing across America. A huge thank you to our presenters for the information they diligently gathered and shared. May we use it wisely! Thank you to all of the supporters that sent us swag for the bags! Lisa Boalt Richardson, Buddy Lee and PDSICamellia Shop Nursery, Tealet, MSU, SerendipiTEA, and Joy’s Teaspoon. A giant thank you to Josephie Dean Jackson, East Texas Tea Company, for her hospitality in Texas. Ya’ll are the best. And a whopping thank you to Jason McDonald, of The Great Mississippi Tea Company, and current President of the USLTG, for unleashing this Round-up idea and then putting the wheels into motion!

We look forward to seeing many of you at the next meeting of the USLTG. Mark your calendars for May 7, 2015, at the World Tea Expo in Long Beach, CA. The meeting will be held from 1:30PM – 2:30PM in a room TBD. An official meeting announcement with the location details will be sent out closer to the date.

Also, if you missed our earlier treks through Texas, Louisiana, and Mississippi, you can read about them here: Texas, MS (Day 1), and MS (Day 2)!


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