Tea Growers Round-up Recap – Mississippi (Day 2)

MSU Truck Crops Experiment Station 2015Our time in East Texas and Day 1 in Mississippi were packed with information, but Day 2 in Mississippi wasn’t a walk in the tea field! Actually, it was. Bad analogy.

Day 2 in Mississippi allowed us to continue/wrap-up some of our previous discussions in prior meetings. A nominating committee was formed and election dates were chosen. We finalized what the membership structure will look like and created a “Founders Level”. Details regarding both will be going out to members soon. Once the business was wrapped, we ventured back out into the wilds of Mississippi.

  • What Is a County Extension Agent by Rebecca Bates
  • Limited Liability Law by Senator Sally Doty
  • Researcher Roundtable with representatives from MSU, LSU, Teacraft, Ltd. (Brookhaven, MS)

After the Researcher Roundtable, we then went on a tour of MSU’s Truck Crops Experiment Station, located in Crystal Springs, MS. This facility is a research site for the USDA Specialty Crop Block Grant Program funded Tea Field Trial.

To wrap up the business portion of the day, there was also an extensive discussion held regarding what is being done with tea here in the US and progress around the world.

Cowboy Jim's Farm-To-Table Tea Growers Round-up Reception

Cowboy Jim’s Farm-To-Table Tea Growers Round-up Reception

You can’t get all these tea farmers together in a state like Mississippi and not offer a farm-to-table dinner! Thanks to Cowboy Jim’s, a feast was had!

With bellies full and heads swimming, everyone geared up for the final day of the Round-up!

Read something that has you curious? Post a comment and let us find the answers!





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