Tea Growers Round-Up Recap – Mississippi (Day 1)

Buddy Lee (black jacket) leads a tour and discussion at his Transcend Nursery (Independence, LA).

Buddy Lee (black jacket) leads a tour and discussion at his Transcend Nursery (Independence, LA).

The US League of Tea Growers Round-up has closed, and it was a whirlwind of a good time. If you missed the recap for the first couple of days in Texas, please take a look!

The morning of the 20th, we kicked off our time in Mississippi with an official USLTG meeting and membership drive. Official minutes from the meeting will be released in a separate post, but discussions included the non-profit status of the league and a membership drive. Once the meeting had adjourned, some fresh air was in order and our program overflowed into the tea fields of the Great Mississippi Tea Company.

  • Farm Service Agency with Rebecca McKenzie of the USDA FSA
  • Farm Loans with John Taggart of the FSA
  • Great Mississippi Tea Company Farm Tour
  • An overview of the Mississippi Tea Project by MSU
  • pH Testing and Nursery Discussions led by Nigel Melican (Teacraft), Dr. Bi (MSU), and Judson LeCompte (MSU)

After a bite to eat, we loaded up and made the drive over to Independence, LA, to visit with Buddy Lee of Transcend Nursery. Once there, we discussed propagation techniques and watched a presentation on the current tea genetic collection being housed there.

After a quick drive back to Brookhaven, MS, we hunkered down for the evening and geared up for Day 2 in Mississippi.

Have a question about topics discussed in Mississippi! Leave a comment and we’ll get you the answers!



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