Quality, Darjeeling Tea Seeds Available!

Tea SeedsLooking to propagate tea from seed but not sure where to source from? Look no further! We expect seed to be available in the USA towards end of October. It is freshly collected, high viability out crossed seed from quality Darjeeling gardens sited above 6,000 ft to ensure some cold hardiness. This is a team effort! Nigel Melican (Teacraft) is sourcing the seeds in-person in India and Jason McDonald (Great Mississippi Tea Company), will handle the invoicing and shipping once the seeds have cleared customs. The seeds will be phytosanitary inspected by the USDA and free of diseases and pests.


Price is $.22 a seed (plus shipping dependent upon value of order). Minimum order is 100 seeds.

  • 100 to 1,000 ($22 per 100 seed)
  • 1,100 to 5,000 ($18 per 100 seed
  • 5,100+ ($15 per 100 seed)

To order, receive an estimate, or for tea seed questions, please contact Nigel at Teacraft (nigel@teacraft.com). Order not firm until payment made.


6 thoughts on “Quality, Darjeeling Tea Seeds Available!

  1. I am interested in ordering 100 Dar jeering camellia sinensis seeds. Will you ship to Canada? If not I have a us postal box. Also I am to do a presentation on new world tea for the ottawa tea festival (ottawa canada) and am interested in your organization for my presentation.

    • We will only be able to ship to US addresses once they make it through USDA/APHIS for inspection. It would be your responsibility to obtain the proper paperwork for exporting to Canada. There will be paperwork and inspections, it is not as easy as carrying them across the border without declaring them. We will not be responsible for confiscation or destruction and improper paperwork. If you are still interested, please contact Nigel@teacraft.com

  2. We would love to buy seeds for attendees at the NW Tea Festival. We will take names and email address along with amounts wanted and then order the entire bunch at one time. We will take care of distribution on this end once they arrive. Will that work?

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