USLTG Meeting Minutes

Hear ye, Hear ye! We have a bit of housekeeping to take care of! Below you will find copies of the meeting minutes from both the October 2013 meeting in Atlanta and the May 2014 meeting in Long Beach. We welcome comments and questions regarding the attached documents and look forward to seeing many of you at our next meeting!

USLTG Minutes (10-21-13 Atlanta)

USLTG Minutes (5-30-14 Long Beach)


Quality, Darjeeling Tea Seeds Available!

Tea SeedsLooking to propagate tea from seed but not sure where to source from? Look no further! We expect seed to be available in the USA towards end of October. It is freshly collected, high viability out crossed seed from quality Darjeeling gardens sited above 6,000 ft to ensure some cold hardiness. This is a team effort! Nigel Melican (Teacraft) is sourcing the seeds in-person in India and Jason McDonald (Great Mississippi Tea Company), will handle the invoicing and shipping once the seeds have cleared customs. The seeds will be phytosanitary inspected by the USDA and free of diseases and pests.


Price is $.22 a seed (plus shipping dependent upon value of order). Minimum order is 100 seeds.

  • 100 to 1,000 ($22 per 100 seed)
  • 1,100 to 5,000 ($18 per 100 seed
  • 5,100+ ($15 per 100 seed)

To order, receive an estimate, or for tea seed questions, please contact Nigel at Teacraft ( Order not firm until payment made.

Signs of Water Damage

RaindropAs many who are growing tea know, the plants can be a bit picky about their roots being wet. Drainage, rainfall, root zones, and proper land prep should all be taken into account before plants go into the ground. But, what happens once the plants are in and you get an abnormally high level of rain?

Some food for thought on LinkedIn about this very discussion can be found by clicking here! Chime in and tell us about your experiences with saturated tea plants!