Mississippi Tea Project

MSU Logo 2As many of you are aware, Mississippi State University has been working closely with Jason McDonald (FiLoLi Farms) and the USLTG to put together research and academic programs that will support the expansion of US grown tea.  One such project is now starting, and if you are a tea grower, we need your assistance! Please see the note below from Dr. Bi and Judson LeCompte of Mississippi State University:

Thank you for your interest in supporting the Mississippi Tea Project at Mississippi State University. The Mississippi Tea Project is a multi-faceted study that will try to promote tea production in the United States. We are in the process of collecting Camellia sinensis plant material for evaluation and selection of tea cultivars. We are currently accepting C. sinensis seeds, cuttings, and whole plants.  For the success of this project it is imperative that we get large amounts of propagation material for evaluation so seeds and 2 node cuttings will be collected.  Branches can be shipped and we can make final cuttings. If it is known what cultivar the donations is, please list it with the cutting. If the cuttings are from different plants, please also note this in shipping.

Plant material can be shipped to:

Mailing address:

Attention: Judson LeCompte/Guihong Bi

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Box 9555
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Physical Address:

Attention: Judson LeCompte/Guihong Bi

Department of Plant and Soil Sciences
Room 117, Dorman Hall
32 Creelman Street
Mississippi State, MS 39762

Judson’s Email: jsl279@msstate.edu

Telephone: (334) 524-8659 (cell)

Dr Bi’s Email:gbi@pss.msstate.edu

Telephone: (662) 325-2403 (office); (601)519-6663 (cell); Fax: (662) 325-8742

Before shipping please email or call so that we can coordinate for the arrival of the plant material. When shipping cuttings, we suggest branches be lightly misted and placed in a plastic bag (trash bag) just before shipping. As long as shipping occurs in the cooler time of the year standard rate shipping should be acceptable. Shipping during warmer months may require overnight shipping and ice packs. Boxes should be labeled as fragile and no permit is required for domestic shipping to Mississippi.

If you have whole plants that you would like to donate please contact us so that we can try and make arrangements to pick them up.

We have obtained the permit for international imports. A phytosanitary certificate would need to be obtained from the original country.

Please do not hesitate to call or email if you have any questions or concerns.


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