Become A Member Of The USLTG!

Become A MemberWe are excited to announce that the US League of Tea Growers will begin accepting members in 2015! There are a number of levels to meet your membership needs, and by becoming a member you are providing the much needed funds to assist in the mission of the league:

  • To actively encourage the growing and production of high value specialty teas within the USA, promote farmer collaboration, and encourage new growers.
  • Act as a repository and archive for information (technical, scientific, practical and commercial) relevant to US tea growing.
  • Represent tea farmers and their views with the US Tea Council and the International Tea Committee.
  • To interact internationally with other tea growers and producers to the mutual benefit of all.
  • Stimulate machinery and systems development by academia or commercial companies to enable high technology agronomy and harvesting and to produce best-method handbooks of proven practical advice on growing, harvesting and processing of tea in the USA.
  • Seek to understand the relationship between the Camellia sinensis genome and commercial requirements.
  • Test and evaluate the genetic material held to select varieties or cultivars most suitable for US growing conditions – to include season extension, pest and disease tolerance, drought tolerance, mechanical handling suitability, processability, cup quality and health benefits.

Membership Levels and Fees

Founder’s level of membership is available until March 31, 2017.  The Founder’s membership level is $1,000.00 (nonrefundable).  “Founder” may be either Full or Associate members. Membership is limited to 1 representative per $1,000 (i.e. $5,000 would equal 5 Founder memberships).

A Small Grower is a Full member, growing 25 plants or more, with voice and vote, and are board eligible. Annual membership fee is $100.00. Grower must reside and grow tea in the United States.

Once a member grows one acre or more of tea plants, they will be considered a Large Grower. Large Growers are Full members, with voice and vote, and are board eligible. Annual membership fee is $250.00. Grower must reside and grow tea in the United States.

An Associate Member, has a voice, but no vote, and is board eligible as an Advisor. Associate Members will include, but are not limited to persons growing less than 25 plants, retailers, associated groups or trade organizations (one representative per organizations decided by the organization or group and registered/updated with the USLTG annually), bloggers, US tea enthusiasts, and international tea growing supporters.   Annual membership fee is $25.00. This member can reside outside the United States.



2 thoughts on “Become A Member Of The USLTG!

  1. Hi Jason, I want you to know I’ve been wanting to start a membership, but we have very little funds to get it going. I’m looking at the Grower membership. Sorry that I was unable to commit to the west coast, I hope you have somebody , Please let me know if you do or don’t. Oh also in the article on the history of tea growing in the US. Their is the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony in California, from 1869 and that is the strain I’m growing. I hope to here from you soon .
    Sincerely Mike Fritts

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for the note. We understand as things are tight here as well. We will take note of the Wakamatsu Tea and Silk Colony in future writings. Thanks for keeping us informed. I believe someone has been found for the West Coast Rep but I am not on the nominating committee so I am not sure. Hope all is well.

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